Anyone that knows me, will tell you that I simply loved the style - dance- entertainment of these
Men.  I thought it would be nice to do a video as a reflection of how I felt about the two.  
Incidently... this video was completed two weeks 'before' James Brown passed, for our
Positive Voices 4 MJJ Website.  Not only did it hurt me so bad when James Passed... it hurts
me to put the video up after Michael has passed.  However, its the love, and the joy of what
they'v left behind that prompt me to once share this video with all that can remember the joy we
all had/have at a time when Michael was going through his worries, and Positive Voices were
there.... for him.  Also James was there for Michael as well, speaking out.... in a positive way
for his friend, and no doubt a mentor for Michael ....  

Sharing the love

Enjoy my 'One Love' Video

About the Author
The members of Positive Voices for MJJ (Michael Joseph Jackson), come from many very
different backgrounds.  While there is much diversity, there is also Unity. We unite for a common
cause. We Love our One, True King of Pop,Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. We all strive together,
to wish him nothing but the best, Now, Forever, and Always. He is a true inspiration, while we All
try to Heal the World we live in. This book was written, for the proceeds to go to help the people
of New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, rebuild their lives.

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
We here at Positive Voices for MJJ, are about just that.Positivity.With all the negative press, that
seems to get written about Michael Joe Jackson,We wanted to put out something Positive. Here,
we have bared our souls, and told the world how we really feel.  Please take the time to come
and get to know us and you will find that we fans and supporters of the One True King of Pop,
aren't what the media portrays Michael Fans to be at all. We are just regular people with hopes,
happiness, disappointments and dreams, Just like You.  Come take a walk with us, and help us
to Heal the World we live in. Proceeds from this book,will be donated to help rebuild New
Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
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