Hello, and welcome to "The King Of Soul - James Brown" Admiration Expressions.

First of all, I'm
Eve, ~The Music Lady~.
(creator of this website 'tmlproduction')

I want to say, that I admired Mr. Brown very much.

I grew up listening to his music, and I've grown to love his style of music very much.

My Dad, My Brothers, and Myself, are all ~Major~ James Brown lovers.
My Father's
Brothers, all Love James Brown Music, and style of dance.
I would like to share a very
touching story about this.

My Dad worked for General Motors and every year, at a certain
time, his work mates, and staff, would get him to do 'The James Brown', as they would say!

They pull out the songs, "Good Foot, I feel Good, I got ants in my pants and Cold Sweat",
and my Dad would dance 'exactly' like Mr. James Brown.

We have video's of occasions, he would do this for our
family and friends events as well.

Now, one of my Dad's brothers, worked as a Patrol Officer,
and every year, at a certain time, they would get him, to do "The James Brown'.

My Dad
retired after 48 years of devoted service to his place of employment, just learning that his brother
would be asked to do the very same thing, as he was asked to do, for years and years!

What smiles that brought to my Fathers face, to learn of that. What a wonderful memory!

Every time, my parents would get a new vehicle.... My Dad would get a nice sound system
in his new cars, and my oldest brother would come over, with the 'eight track' of James Brown,
so we could ride, in 'style' as they would say. New Ride, and Brother Brown, Doin' the do.
This was so much fun to me, since I would have the privilege of sitting in the front seat,
in between my Dad and Mom. I would have the pleasure, of changing the eight-tracks, to
the songs I wished to listen to, "until" they noticed it, and would 'STOP' me. (smile)
Another wonderful Memory!

I remember my oldest brother being able to go to James Brown Concerts, and I was too young
to go. He would come home, and tell us all, how much fun he had, and how James turned the
joint out! And I've never had the privilege to see James in Concert. I have Concert Videos, but
this is not like being there.

This was a goal I had to see James Brown in Concert.

My favorite songs by James Brown are:
Doin' it to death (Funky Good Time), (Superbad SuperSlick -1975),
The Boss), (Eyesight), (Give Me Some Skin), (Same Beat - with JB's), and (Nature- part1&2).

I love all of James Brown stuff, from singing the blues, to soul, to surely Funk!
He is just the one to get me dancing, uncontrollable, I will dance by myself, when it comes to James Brown,
Michael Jackson.
I don't need nobody.... they are all I need on the dance floor.

Anyway, I'm giving some history on how, and why I loved James Brown to the max.
I play his music steadily, as I do MJJ's and some others.
But James Brown, is one that makes me feel good,
everywhere I go.... everywhere!
I have to watch it too. Because, while I'm driving by his music,
my feet will forget the 'speed limit'.... LOL.
I have to slow my Big Cat down (my ride).

"Sleep N' Peace'
December 25, 2006

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