“The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.”—John 5:28, 29.
My Tribute Video for my Brother "Kenneth Lee Tims" (Kenny) 11/02/1959 - 11/26/1999
Beginning November the second, My brother was born.
Into a place, With a lovely face.
With smiling eyes, So small in size.
He was blessed, Right from the start.
He has lovely parents, And loving family;
Believing in Gods promise.  Now, we all await
That faithful day, When we can see, Those smiling eyes
Once again.... Someday!

will see you again my dear Brother
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Revelation 21: 4
(And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more,
neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things have
passed away)
My Dear Brother lost his young life
for the choices that caused deep strife
He tried endlessly to win love
when no love was there to win at all
He will continue to live on  in memory
as the one that everyone was glad to see
My sweet dear brother, Kenny "K.T."
This is all for love, from me....
"The Music Lady"

Copyright © 2000 "The Music Lady" All Rights Reserved.
The Smart of You

As a little girl, I use to wish
That I too, Could be as , Smart as you.
I use to watch, As you finish your homework.
Giving me that little "smirk."
Like, "Yes I'm finished, I'm the expert!"
At the time, You would be that one;
I would call on to help me, learn, comprehend....
The things necessary for me.
I listen to you for direction.

The Smart of you, Is what I loved the most
About you.
I use to brag about it too.
To everyone, that I knew.
"My brother, He's smarter than you."
"4.0 student", Yes, I would say that too.
We use to battle/clash/tuggle, in ways of
our personality.
But NOW I see how much I miss you from being here;
To object, get in my business, follow me,
Just being plain nosey! (smilies)
You were only being sincere....
Only being KT.
Trying to keep Harm From Me.
Another lesson, you've taught me
taught me Silently....I will carry this with me
treasuring the memory.

The Smart of you,
I carry this too.
~As I know you would want me to~

Hopes come true!!
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IN HONOR of Kenneth L. Tims
Anniversary Date of His Passing!
November 26, 1999 - November 26, 2009

My Brother... YOU are not forgotten.  
You linger on in our hearts, even those misbegotten.
YOU are not here... in the flesh,
Hurtful ones move around... they thresh.  
We await... that for sure date,
To see your smile... It will be just a little while!
My Brother... YOU will be a reward,
In perfection, in the NEW World.  
YOU didn't believe in fairytales,
YOU believed in Truth,
As ONLY God could tell.  
A major test, YOU... passed.  
My Brother, no one can no longer harass!
God... eased YOU away from the pain...  
He didn't allow you to suffer no longer.
And For that, I will look to HIM forever!
Since YOU were freed to peace...
So much has happened.  
2009 was a test...
Started off the best... Ended with a blast.
And all others I did not MENTION!
MY Brother, YOU are asleep unaware of the evil that still
YOU, will awake into a place, where they'll be no evil face...
A place to watch the new sky, and breathe the new air...
We who believe, will see you, we will be there!
My Brother, I love you!

From your Baby Sis
"The Music Lady"
Written: 11-26-2009 1:31A.M.
When Kenny’s life was taken away
Some people had to say;
how much they loved Kenny.
Some even said....
Wish I had spent more time with K.T.
When his life was suddenly gone
Everyone wanted to blame someone.
It came as a shock.
When our loved one was shot.....
Tragically to death… in one spot!

Kenny’s life is deeply missed.
Today, some try to conversant over this.
However, words are spilled.... yeah, over & over....
But not much ‘revealed’.
The Truth stays ‘veiled’.
Only Time - Will Tell.

Kenny’s life came with a price.
Materials things, Things one could gain.
Items exchanged.
Only ‘ONE’ sad thing,
NONE of this brought my brother back!
After he was savagely killed; attacked.

What a scheme.  So it seemed!

I’ve asked myself... Time and Time again.
What would life have been like if Kenny remained...?
If K.T. hadn’t been killed?  
Would the united voices have much to say...? To each another?
Would the voices of unison.... sound so pleasant?
Who really knows?

What I’ve learned from the tragedy of my brothers death....
Is that Life is precious.
Even if someone takes away your ‘last’ breathe....
One life lives on.... in our Memories!
Happy Times over power Sad Times.
And for that I thank God for my memories.

Advice to those hovering hatred.

Forgiveness is the key; to stopping the suffering, the misery!
I know this first hand.  I’m able to smile again!
I’m able to love everyone.  Even the one that caused this harm!
When a life as dear as K.T.’s
Is up to us to show Mercy to  the Murderer;
And Let God’s Will be done one Earth As it is in Heaven!
Hoping in....
Life Ever-lasting!

~We Shall See You Again; Kenneth Lee Tims~

‎Monday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2007, ‏‎7:13:07 PM