Major Love
Life is.... What you make of it!

Looking out my bedroom window, I see the sky. I think of how it was put there, and who made it,
and I began to feel safe, warm, and loved. I fall asleep.

In the dark morning, I'm awaken by my mother. "Eve" The Jackson 5 Cartoons is on. I look at her
until she comes into focus, and when I realized what she said, I run passed her to watch The Jackson
5 Cartoons on TV. I receive my happy nourishment and turn the TV off.

~Teen Ager~

Looking out my bedroom window, I look at the sky. I began to wonder, if I'm thought of tonight. I
put on my favorite Album, "Off The Wall." I let the sounds take me to a place, that there's no sad
time to recall, nothing but time... Happy time. My phone rings, I lower my music. "Hi, Babe...
whatcha' doin?" I say, I'm listening to my Michael. What are you doing? He says; "I'm thinking
about you tonight". ~Meditation Answered~


Looking out my bedroom window, I look at the sky. I began to count my blessings, and ask
questions as to why? Why does it seems the good hearted ones... Go first Lord? Why does it seems...
Everyday is a new struggle Lord? Why do I have to... Prove myself everyday Lord? Will I make it,
survive my Lord?

The answer comes, from the Father that warms.... My confidence. He builds me up, and lets me
know, "I'm not alone." He tells me, even though I'm weighed down with tons, I will be happy when
'That Time comes.

9-24-2009 ~Written by~ Eve 'TheMusicLady'
Thanks for the happy memories.

Thanks for reading

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