I think about people and how they come into your life. You can sit
there for hours, and ask why? However, I don't always do that. I
use to, but than, I said, what's the point... We are only human.
I've met some interesting people in my life, and I will base this
short story from someone I met way back.

Coming out of a seclusion state of mind, I was reminded several
times, how its not who you trust when you become close to someone,
but its you,that becomes trusted when you become close to that

I met someone,that began to trust me...

And felt as if we were family.

I,began to talk with her everyday. I enjoyed the things we had in

I even shared most of it with my husband. He warned me to be
careful. Due to the past and friends being unfaithful.

You see... They would often hurt me, because they found out they
could trust me.

So...In my over confidence, I would still pursue, the friendship I
thought I knew.

A time would come, in my life, that I needed someone there, I was
going through a lot of strife.

You see... I had a emergency and was admitted in the hospital for
reasons unknown, My husband reached out to this friend, to tell her
what was going on.

Day 1... Went bye, no call, no reply.

Day 2... Went by, no call, she never said hi.

Day 3... Went by, I began to cry... As I lay in the hospital bed,
asking why?

Why, for this, and why for that.

Loved ones were there, but... My friend, she was else where.

Time went by, and I still remained her friend.

I felt to do my part until it ends.

Working hours, hours together. Shift changes, more are around us.

She begins to fade, as I branch out, and more friends I made.

Could it be, she was jealous, and didn't want anyone to come
between us?

It didn't matter, for I felt I was a friend, and there to be
trusted until the end.

I was invited to this, and that, and she began to be upset.

She became hospitalized for reasons. I was there, along with my

We brought her flowers, a card, and told her we loved her.

She and her family, looked at us, as if we were strangers.

Never once did I see, the reasons that was before me.

I return home wondering, asking why? Why, for this, and why for

I took out a publication to read on 'True Friends'.

It stated some of the things that were going on with myself, and my

She called me, when she left the hospital.

She told me the reason she and her family reacted that way.

She told me, she didn't know how to say this... She told me, her
family was shocked when they saw me.

She told me, they looked at my face, and didn't like my race.

She told me, she use to be like that before she met me, and she
still has problems with it, as she shared detail with me.

She told me, I would never be excepted in her family, but she would
still be a friend if she needs to be.

I told her, to not worry about me anymore.

Because I was going to ignore.

I told her, I'm separating myself from hatred, and if she needs me,
I'd make a good Associate.

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