~My Soul Mate~

Mellow times, come to mind.

Our relationship, Our entwined.

Remembering how time spent... By the sky,

Would make you smile... You were shy.

You and I took flight... As we kissed in the Night.

Your voice flow so well.... I'd say; "more tell".

Heap of joy rush through my veins,

As I keep you near me... Time remains.

Pinching myself to believe

That you were no longer my boyfriend

That you are now my husband

Mellow times, come to mind

Our relationship, has stood the test of time

Remembering how, time has passed by

When you smile... You are still shy.

You and I take flight... When we reminisce at Night

My voice flows well... "you ask; 'more tell".

Heap of joy rush in

Looky there... Its our children.

I love you!

9-24-2009 ~Written by~ Eve 'TheMusicLady'

MY Babe!

We've been together
For a long time
It seems to be a life time.
We will not
Leave one another; sad and blue
We’re meant to be together
And prove the Bible True
For Our God
He will continue... To tell us what to do.
Trust in Him from the Start
He will continue to guide our Heart.

10-4-2009 ~written by~ Eve 'TheMusicLady"
THE MAKINGS OF YOU - by Gladys Knight 'written' by Curtis Mayfield
Add a little sugar,
Honey suckle and
A great big expression of happiness
Boy you couldn't miss
with a dozen roses
Such would astound you
The joy of children laughing around you
These are the makings of you
It is true,
The makings of you

Its been a miracle
for what you've done
please stay right by my side
Two can be one
The righteous way to go
Little one would know
Or believe for I've told them so
You're second to none
Love of all mankind
Should reflect some sign
Of the words I've tryed to recite
They're close, but not quite
Almost impossible to do
The makings..
Of you
Babe… I was told about you
My dear brother, Kenny
He told me… about you.
We came together
For the first time.... you and I.
It was than I realized,
Just how very beautiful…
…..Your smile.
You spoke to me, so very softly.
Your voice so very sweet
We had to meet.
I looked into your eyes
I felt something special about you
----- sigh.
About me?
You must have felt it too.
We came together…
On the 16th ... of September.
That day you asked me,
To be your girl,
That day…
YOU… changed my world.
Shared Moments - You and I
Closer and Closer
4 years of courtship.... go by.
You wanted to marry me;
Right from the start.
I made you 'wait',
I had to be for sure of my heart.
You told me, 'You couldn't wait any longer.
You asked me, To marry you, and live with
you forever.
I said 'Yes'.
I couldn't ignore.
We came together, June 09, 1984.
Babe, you’ve been my 'Rock'
Through - Hard Times
Through - Fun Times
Through - Sad Times
Through - Happy Times
I'm proud to be,
In your life… faithfully
"I love you"
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