Introduced to the Internet.... I met two people, that didn't know one another. I felt as if they were brother and sister
and were pulling my leg. Why? Because they both gave me, the same advice on matters I shared with them. They
were beautiful Souls. I met them at a time, when they were truly needed. I didn't like chat rooms, or anything like
that. I liked to talk more In a setting with people that had a lot In common with me, so I put some limited
information out there about myself, only included a email address to contact me, and that I loved music. So, from
there, I've met these two people, and I will write about them.... Together.

I Have this new computer. What am I to do with this? I don't know how to work it. Let me
explore it. I look over and see that my two babies are asleep. I began to type, and seek. I find
out how to connect online.

I immediately search for all MJJ stuff I can find.

I found heaps of stuff too. Some I didn't know... Some I knew. Became sort of boring, on the
Internet surfing. So, I thought I cut to the chase, and put my email address out there to began
the race.

~Island Lady~

I was contacted by a lady, from the Islands.

She was also a Music Lady, and liked Michael Jackson.

We Have so much In common... It seems unreal.

We spent hours getting to know one another.

We became close, she's like my sister.

We share information, music interest, and favorite happenings.

She and I became like family

More and more she becomes real to me,

as we share so much Together, it appears this was meant to be!

~California Dreamer~

I met someone, from California.

He's into Music and liked Michael Jackson.

Also he adores Prince and Lenny Kravitz.

We spent hours getting to know one another,

So close, he became my family member.

He became my muse, and mentor.

We'd write In the midnight... Some times apart;
Sometimes; Together

He'd Share his BEAUTIFUL music, I began to listen to it.

As I listen, I became addicted to it, and wanted more of it.

He helped me created my own music, and he would listen to it.

As he listen, He wanted to hear more of it.

I began to love them both as if I knew them from birth. I began to ask myself;
"Is it possible to
love someone you've never met?" Am I loosing my mind? Sharing all my joy with family,
and they too was wondering... Have I lost my mind?
Everyday when I would speak with them,
they became real, and important. I treasure the thoughts they've shared with me, and I would
say that God brought them to me, at a time, I needed them to be.

I met them before I lost my brother who was a shadow to me. My Brother and I, were very
close. So, when he was killed, they helped me through it. They gave me the reason to endure it.
I was encouraged not to retaliate by 'California Dreamer'. Island Lady could relate to my lost,
because she had lost a sibling to domestic violence as well. We had so much In common as I
had mentioned.

I closed off the people around me. But let my Internet friends... In.

Introduced to creativity, and more love for Music/Art because of my friend, 'California Dreamer'.
He constantly reminded me, that its nothing that I couldn't accomplish. He always told me, to
reach for the stars. That I would do something special In my life. Yes, he said that, and its true,
I Have done that. I've had the chance to communicate and to share things with my 'favorite'
musician, because I felt I could. I thank him for the encouragement, the inspiration, and always...
Believing In me.

More appreciative of life, because of my friend, 'Island Lady'. So much we shared In ways of lost
of a loved one, and family happenings. She and I can relate to many obstacles that can try to
stop one from accomplishing goals. In the mist of speaking with her during times of endearment,
her voice is so pleasant, that it would comfort a sick child. I would like to think of her as a voice
of reason. Just right for the season, every time I speak to her, via phone.

"California Dreamer" and "Island Lady" They are apart of me, until the end of my time. I Have
Major Love for them both, until the end of... 'my time'.
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Shine On Us All... Set Us Free... Love Is The Answer "Song by England Dan & John Ford, Coley Dedicated to Dreams and Milly ~Feel The Love~
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