This is my page for my entwined
daughter. She took a part of my
heart, right from the start.  A
connection, that words can't
address all my affection.  A
developed love without measure,
simply because it constantly grows.
 She has become such a part of me,
that I feel when she feels,
things.... And vice versa.  I wish
so much for my daughter, and out of
all my wishes for her, I wish her
unconditional love.  I feel about
her, like I do my birth children.  
I feel a major need to protect her,
and make sure she's OK at all
times. The Song "
Like A Mother
Would do"
playing, was written by
my Laura, for me... And 'a friend'
sung her lyrics for her, however,
you will hear her delightful voice
at the end of that song. I thank
Jehovah, for her being apart of my
Soul..I love her so much, and
Here's part of my heart I will
share with all of you.  
Feel my love!
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~~'Thanks's for reading my page in honor of my daughter 'Laura' my Big Girl'~~

My Connected One

My connected one
Asking where did you come from?
Into a mist of time
When we needed each other
We come together in rhyme
I read your poetry
It stood out to me
As someone that could be
My very own, my family

My entwined one
Feeling where you come from
Into my quiet time
We battle the forces of the unkind
For someone that brought us together
Even though the forces were
We came together for Michael

My reflected one
From inside of me, you had came
We both began to feel the same
We became closer…
I became your mother
And you... My daughter
I constantly think about
At first having a doubt
That a cultivation
Could happen this way
Because of Michael Jackson

My Lovely One
I thank you for coming to me
I thank you for being in my life
I thank you for listening to me
I thank you for letting me be.... ME
And most of all
I thank you... For loving me
Pa and your siblings.
You are a Blessing!
And I will say this expression
From one of my favorite song
"If only you believe like I believe... (If
only you
Believe like I believe) -- We'd get by!
You are my connected one
Let's keep this strong, and Stand Firm!
I love you my Big Girl.

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In Paradise on Earth

Living with whatever
Can become hard when together
Each one of us wanting to help
Counting the hours not slept
Never once did we think
Sad days would make us weak
Many Nights we couldn't sleep
Unwanted Voices of past we keep…
Inside us, and around us.
Places to go… who do we trust?

Living with whatever
Wonder what else is there.
Praying together…
Me and my daughter
I listen, I see…
I see what has to be….
I pray for endurance to help me!
I pray for endurance to help you…
If only you would do… what I do!

Living with whatever…
Doesn't have to always be sad
It can be something set
Something in the plan
A place we can go together
And live forever.
This is no fairy tale
This is no untruth
For this is something I truly want
And want for you too.

Living with whatever…
Focusing on ‘Forever’….

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23Jehovah is my Shepherd.
I shall lack nothing.
2 In grassy pastures he makes me lie
By well-watered resting-places he
conducts me.
3 My soul he refreshes.
He leads me in the tracks of righteousness
for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk in the valley of deep
I fear nothing bad,
For you are with me;
Your rod and your staff are the things that
comfort me.
5 You arrange before me a table in front
of those showing hostility to me.
With oil you have greased my head;
My cup is well filled.
6 Surely goodness and loving-kindness
themselves will pursue me all the days of
my life;
And I will dwell in the house of Jehovah to
the length of days.

Of David. A melody.

'From The Holy Scriptures'
One out of many scriptures shared with
you dear Laura... I chose to share this
one with you and all that read on your
Psalm 23:1-6