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"The Music Lady"

As My Thoughts Began to Grow
I was becoming a child.
As My feelings Began to show
I was becoming a girl.
As My Nature Began to take frame,
I was becoming a lady.
As My Essence of Beauty..... Attracts,
I Am Now Woman.

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~My Xpressions~
I must go to were rest carries me
To a place that time sleeps
The place where smiles creep
Into my body of restful eyes
And in the morning were time rises
Look... Surprise   You will Read my
not all pertaining to me....
But inspired by the forces that be!
They live now... Because of me!
Through my writings!

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He Can

I can’t promise you a life of sunshine;
I can’t promise riches, wealth, or gold;
I can’t promise you an easy pathway
That leads away from change or
growing old.
He can promise you a life… of sunshine;
He can promise you a life bright as gold,
to take hold;
He can promise you an easy pathway
That will lead to eternal life, as His Word

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This Journey Is For Love

Truth Lives, In the Knowledge it Gives.  
Different Disguises, Unveiled into Sun Rises
This Journey Is For Love
Passion Hearted, Pleasures Guarded
Bold For The Soul, In Full Control
It Is The Plan, For Knowledge, Understand?
To speak To The Mind Of Wonders
Plant The Seeds In The Splendors
Thoughts of Clear Visions
Start Making wise Decisions
Speak And Say a Prayer
Beginning A New Beginning
Sharing With Those Hearing
The Truth and Where It Lives
About the Knowledge It Gives
Familiar Disguises
Lighted into Sun Rises
This Journey Is For Love

Copyright © 2009 ~Eve~ All rights reserved
My Butterfly

The Blissful natures of two have came together in a fantasy love mist.  Wishing Wells, Sweet Candies Dwell,
Glistens of magical scented candles. Romantic Blend The Two Butterflies entwined in us. Both different, for the
same reason. Born Into Reality, but yet with the love of mystic gestures shared between you and I, can only live in
our Dreamed Odyssey. We both do not know the reason's for the path of... And we seek for the answer, when the
question reality has, has no reality answer.  For there may only be an answer in our Dreamed Odyssey.  No
need to wonder why anymore.  We have a Free Style Love. No need to wonder about the love of you, because
you have received and came through the travels of Love Time, in My Heart and My Mind.  Deep Good Long
Lasting Dwelling Heartfelt Spirited Blissful Joyful Created Love.  Not Purity of Sweetness, but Sweetness of
Purity.  Our Love is not blind anymore, no more.  Do you see it, feel it now?  Call it, It lives within the Covers of
Natures Shadows. Within the purity of our Two Souls.  I Love you, and forever I will Love you. You May Live
Forever in My Dreams.  The Place of No Rules. Free Style.  If my words are met, by my butterfly, make them
known to me, Some way, Someday.....My Butterfly!‎

Saturday, ‎April ‎06, ‎2002, ‏‎10:03:42 AM
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My Love Circle

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